Graduation Project Architecture Descriptions

Last week the descriptions of the final projects were posted on the OASE News Page.
I post them here, so it’s more easy to find (hope the teachers won’t be mad).
On the 5th of February, is the graduation carousel: presentations of the Graduation Studios.

Project title and tutors

Quality Shop Design IBA Parkstad 2020 – Tutors: Jos Bosman, Max van Beers
Designing ‘quality shop’ concepts and projects for IBA Parkstad 2020

A Contemporary Cultural Forum – Tutors: Mark Hemel / Sjef van Hoof
Architecture, Politics and Space

Clarity – Tutors: Christian Rapp, Martien Jansen and Marco Notten
The studio will be a collaboration between the chairs of Architectural Design and Engineering (Juliette Bekkering) and Rational Architecture (Christian Rapp) with shared interest for constructing architecture based on the expression of the inner structure of our time.

Growing traditions – Tutors: Bernard Colenbrander & Jacob Voorthuis

Transparency – Tutors: Ruurd Roorda + (2nd tutor yet to decide)

Download Full Descriptions Here

Midsize Brabant: the industrial village – Dr. Pieter van Wesemael, Dr. Sukanya Krishnamurthy, Ad de Bont – Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture (7W545)
Download Full Description of Midsize Brabant Here


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